The overall goal of the Conference was to improve the quality of care for mothers and newborn and through implementing midwifery model of care within the socio-cultural context .


14th National Conference Held from 26th - 28th September, 2019

The main purpose of the 14th National Conference of SOMI was to reach out to all its members with latest information, scientific developments and government policies related to midwifery practice in India. Secondly, this conference attempted to enhance the visibility of SOMI as a professional organization, midwifery as an independent profession and midwives as critical care providers for mothers and newborns. Thirdly, the fact that SOMI has survived as an organization representing the rights of women and midwives for over 20 years was celebrated and it’s achievements in the rebirth of midwifery in India commended.




  • To build a spirit of solidarity among different categories of midwives.
  • To update the current scientific knowledge
  • To upgrade skills of nurse midwives through skill mall.
  • To involve and engage the midwives into different activities and different models of normal birth through the exhibition.



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Conferences and their Central themes.

2002,Chennai 1st National Conference Indian Midwives move towards safe motherhood.
2003,Hyderabad 2nd National Conference Role of midwives in saving women’s lives
2004,Delhi 3rd National Conference Strengthening Midwifery Towards Positive Maternal Health Outcome
2005,Indore 4th National Conference Postnatal care: the Role of Midwives
2006,Pune 5th National Conference India needs midwives now more than ever: evidences from the Ground
2007,Ahmedabad 6th National Conference Indian Midwives reach out to women wherever they live
2008, Kolkata 7th National Conference Healthy mothers- Healthy babies: Midwives continue to care
2010, Puduchery 8th National Conference From Pregnancy-Postpartum’ Women’s Entitlement- Midwives’ Accountability
2011, Patna 9th National Conference Midwives help women take charge of childbirth
2012, Srinagar 10th National Conference Education for change. Strengthening Midwifery practice for achieving National Health Goal”.
2013, Odisha 11th National conference "Midwives: Advocating quality Improvement for maternal and newborn care".
2015, Mangalore 12th National Conference Bringing quality to maternal and child health services: Midwives take the challenge.
2018, Mumbai 13th National Conference Professional Midwives: The Answer to Healthy Mothers and Babies
2019, Raipur 14th National Conference Indian Midwives: Voice for Normal  Birth as a Women’s Right

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